CHEMSTAR is the official distributor of deuterated solvents of DEUTERO GmbH ( Germany ) in the Czech Republic.

Deuterated solvents are used mainly in the nuclear magnetic resonance measurements in determination of structure and properties of chemical compounds and other materials. For this purpose, also glas tubes are imported.


Compound Quality Compound Quality
Deuterochlororm Min. 99,6% D Benzene - d6 Min. 99,5%D
Deuterochlororm Min. 99,8%D Dichloromethane - d2 Min. 99,5%D
Deuterochlororm Min. 99,96%D Dimethylsulfoxide- d6 Min. 99,5%D
Deuteriumoxide Min. 99,9% D Methanol - d4 Min. 99,8%D
Deuteriumoxide Min. 99,96%D Pyridine - d5 Min. 99,5%D
Acetone - d6 Min. 99,5%D Tetrachloroethane - d2 Min. 99,5%D
Acetonitrile - d3 Min. 99,5%D THF - d8 Min. 99,5%D
Dimethylformamide - d7 Min. 99.5%D Toluene - d8 Min. 99,5%D