CHEMSTAR company was established in 1991 as a private business in the sector of freelance consultations in chemistry and chemicals retail . In the course of following years activities have been extended for processing of chemical and environmental data and distribution of deuterated solvents of ISOSAR GmbH (Germany) in the Czech Republic. In 2014 this company interrupted production of these chemicals, and we agreed to become an official distributor of company DEUTERO GmbH, Germany within the same sector.

Since 1999 regarding the new Czech Act No. 157 / 98 On Chemical Substances and Chemical Compositions that came into effect, CHEMSTAR offers full implementation of this act in the client´s firm. Similarly , solution of envvironmental problems of customers and realization of the Czech Act No. 125 / 95 On Wastes has been added to CHEMSTAR activities.

Since September, 1998 CHEMSTAR also started consultations in the sector of wastewater treatment and development of treatment procedures. Its specialization are chemical and sorption methods of wastewater treatment.

CHEMSTAR carries out translations of all types of specialized, research and scientific papers, textbooks and manuals in the sector of chemistry ( any specialization ) including professional chemical terminology, and interpretation within this sector.